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Alignment issues, over crowded teeth and under or overbite issues can all be remedied by having a Liang Orthodontics orthodontist install braces in your child’s mouth.

There are a few different variations available. They are all based on the same set of principles, where gradual tension adjustments will stretch the periodontal ligaments to move your son or daughter’s teeth into a new position.

The type of braces the orthodontist recommends will be influenced by personal preference and the degree of adjustment needed to achieve your child’s ideal smile.

Traditional braces use brackets cemented to the face of their teeth which are linked by a wire on the top and bottom of their jaw. They typically employ bands and spacers to further aid in the realignment process.

Ceramic coated braces are just like traditional braces, only most of the hardware has been coated in a porcelain-ceramic material shaded to look like natural tooth enamel.

Clear plastic braces, are only called for if your child needs a small amount of realignment. The clear plastic aligners are custom shaped to their teeth. Every two weeks they switch to another set that is adjusted a little closer to your ideal alignment.

If you are interested in learning more about the braces options available to improve your son or daughter’s alignment issues, you should call Liang Orthodontics’s office in Potomac, Maryland at 301-983-3132 to schedule an appointment.