When a patient has crooked or crowded teeth but does not wish to wear metal brackets and wires, Drs. Liang and Liang may suggest clear braces in Potomac, Maryland. Clear braces can straighten smiles discreetly and cosmetically. We encourage you to contact Liang Orthodontics today at 301-983-3132 for more information and to schedule your appointment with our orthodontists.

Advances in modern orthodontics have allowed us to provide more discreet treatments for straightening your teeth. One of these treatment options are clear braces. Clear braces, also known as porcelain or ceramic braces, function exactly like traditional metal braces, but are made of materials that blend in with you’re the color of your teeth, making them less obvious and giving you a more natural appearance during your treatment. Many patients also consider clear braces to be more comfortable than metal braces.

Correcting your misaligned teeth makes an obvious impact on your smile, even at the beginning of your treatment. Clear braces help to improve your oral health, giving you a beautiful, straight smile and lowering your risk of developing cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, or other dental problems.

We welcome you to contact us today to schedule your consultation at our office and learn more about the benefits of clear braces.