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Caring for your braces during treatments is vital to ensure your orthodontic treatment time occurs as swiftly as possible. Listed below are some common orthodontic health care treatment tips to keep your braces looking and functioning as good as new:

– It may be possible to break off a piece of your braces if you are not careful, and if you, do not attempt to repair the damage on your own.
– In order to best serve your braces, avoid foods that can easily get trapped between your braces and teeth and become difficult to remove. As such, various food restrictions, including the avoidance of sticky and chewy foods may be required.
– If your standard floss cannot effectively work with your braces, try switching to a water flosser to ensure your teeth will continue to get the care they require.
– Taking care of your teeth begins by wearing appropriate safety gear when applicable, especially during outdoor activities including contact sports. Typical oral health care can include mouthguards and face masks.
– To best serve your smile, schedule meetings and routine checkups with your orthodontists to ensure your orthodontic care is going along smoothly.
– To best ensure your braces will function properly, clean and disinfect your retainer at least once weekly.

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