Treat Malocclusion with Invisalign® Teeth Straightening

Invisalign® is visibly appealing. It has clear appliances that are nearly undetectable by anyone besides the wearer. But did you know that Invisalign does more than just straighten your teeth? Many people suffer from overcrowded and over-spaced teeth. And though it’s thought to and does occur in children, it more often appears in grown adults…. Read more »

Retainers Require Regular Care and Cleaning

During your child’s braces treatment, routine adjustments were essential for correcting the alignment of your child’s teeth. Each of these alignment sessions applied modest tension to your child’s teeth and periodontal connective tissues to gradually alter the orientation and position of their teeth. After your child’s treatment is complete and their braces have been removed,… Read more »

Trouble of Thinking of a New Year’s Resolution? Make One for Your Braces

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a New Year’s resolution, you should think of your smile. You could make a resolution for your braces! If you do this, there is a good chance you could have a more effective orthodontic treatment and you could even get your braces off quicker. Who knows!… Read more »

Build a Healthier Smile with Sleep Apnea Treatments

In order to ensure you receive the necessary oral health care treatments, always assess your risk for sleep apnea. Numerous risk factors exist that can increase the likelihood that you will develop sleep apnea. You should also be aware of which treatments can be used to effectively care for your smile should sleep apnea be… Read more »

Got Braces? Here’s How to Care for Them

If you want a successful orthodontic journey, then you need to properly care for your braces each day. This is because if you don’t care for your braces, then they won’t care for you. This means that having an ineffective appliance can delay your treatment time and even lead you away from the smile you… Read more »

Headgear Basics

If your child’s upper and lower jaw are more uneven than normal, your orthodontist, Dr. , might recommend wearing headgear with their braces for a time. What does that mean? You’re about to find out. Headgear is the word for a removable appliance that applies specific forces to guide the growth of the face and… Read more »

What Happens When Your Braces Come Off?

A soon as you get your braces on, you will probably start counting down the days until they come off. And who could blame you? Sooner or later, that big day will arrive, and you will be ready to show the world your brand new smile. Having your braces removed is not painful and will… Read more »

How Can I Maintain Strong Tooth Enamel When I Have Braces?

When you have braces, it’s important to maintain strong tooth enamel so you can maintain a healthy smile. However, that might be a tough task if you’re not sure how to keep your enamel in tip-top shape. So, to help you, our orthodontist, Dr. , has some helpful tips and information for you. First, have… Read more »

A Fixed Retainer Might Need Special Oral Hygiene Tools to Prevent Cavities

Once the alignment of your teeth has been fully corrected, your orthodontist can remove your braces. However, there will still be some residual tension remaining in the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in place. If it’s not addressed in some way it could cause your teeth to drift out of their ideal position. To… Read more »

Classifications of Malocclusions

Malocclusions, also commonly referred to as “bad bites”, refer to various types of misalignments within your teeth and jaw. For a list of some common malocclusions as well as some brief definitions, see the list below:       – Crossbites happen when the lower jawbone protrudes out farther than the upper jawbone. – Rotation malocclusions… Read more »