What Can Braces Do For Me?

Braces are an orthodontic appliance used to correct “bad bites.” A bad bite occurs when the teeth don’t line up properly when the jaws are closed. The teeth may crowded or crooked, or it could be that the upper and lower jaws don’t line up well. These problems are sometimes inherited, or they can come from oral injury, losing teeth... read more »

Enhance and Upgrade Your Smile by Finding Treatments for Your Malocclusions

Enhance and upgrade your smile by finding treatments for your malocclusions. A malocclusion, also called a bad bite, is the result of an irregularity or aberration in your smile that has resulted in some form of misalignment with your teeth. Oftentimes, malocclusions occur in the incisors, but curved teeth can appear anywhere, and can even be caused by your jawbone.... read more »

Brace Your Smile

If your teeth are crooked or if you have a misaligned bite, Dr. Liang and Dr. Liang may recommend braces in Potomac, Maryland. An orthodontic exam will be performed and our orthodontists will take impressions of your teeth, take photos of your teeth and face, and take X-rays of your mouth and head. Your treatment plan will be formed based... read more »

The Perfect Candidate for the Perfect Orthodontic Braces

If you suffer from abnormal bites, don’t delay in looking into orthodontic braces. Beyond providing a better smile, braces can improve your overall oral health, including helping prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Typical symptoms of abnormal bites include: - Open bite: occurs when the top and bottom incisors do not connect when biting - Overbite (also called an overjet,... read more »