The Perfect Candidate for the Perfect Orthodontic Braces

If you suffer from abnormal bites, don’t delay in looking into orthodontic braces. Beyond providing a better smile, braces can improve your overall oral health, including helping prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Typical symptoms of abnormal bites include: - Open bite: occurs when the top and bottom incisors do not connect when biting - Overbite (also called an overjet,... read more »

Common Bite Issues

Orthodontic treatment is performed to correct different types of malocclusion, or poor bite. There are many possible conditions that cause a poor bite. When you come to our office, Drs. Liang and Liang can diagnose your bite and discuss your orthodontic options with you. The most common types of malocclusion are: - Upper protrusion – With upper protrusion (which is... read more »