Strengthen Your Teeth With Orthodontic Treatments

Did you know, if you strengthen your teeth with an orthodontic treatment, your teeth are less likely to harbor cavities, lead to jaw pain, and become chipped or cracked from misalignment issues? Yes, it’s true! Having a healthy alignment is ideal to keep your teeth healthy and strong for years to come. Our orthodontistss, Dr. Donald Liang and Dr. Christopher... read more »

Treating a Loose Wire in Your Braces

If a wire comes loose in your braces, it can be somewhat distracting. Depending on where it is situated, it can poke your cheeks, gums or tongue, which can feel annoying. Our orthodontistss are qualified to repair the wire, but you can try a few things that may help you feel more comfortable while you wait. One thing you can... read more »

What Can Braces Do For Me?

Braces are an orthodontic appliance used to correct “bad bites.” A bad bite occurs when the teeth don’t line up properly when the jaws are closed. The teeth may crowded or crooked, or it could be that the upper and lower jaws don’t line up well. These problems are sometimes inherited, or they can come from oral injury, losing teeth... read more »

Your Child Will Need to Have Their Braces Adjusted

Misaligned teeth during adolescence can do more than simply leave your son or daughter with an awkward-looking smile. As your child grows older, the pronounced deviations in their tooth alignment can lead to damaged tooth enamel, and even dental fractures. If your son or daughter has misaligned permanent teeth, problems with overcrowding or a pronounced malocclusion you should consider scheduling... read more »

Got Braces? Here’s How to Care for Them

If you want a successful orthodontic journey, then you need to properly care for your braces each day. This is because if you don’t care for your braces, then they won’t care for you. This means that having an ineffective appliance can delay your treatment time and even lead you away from the smile you desire. So, to help you... read more »

Headgear Basics

If your child’s upper and lower jaw are more uneven than normal, your orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Liang, might recommend wearing headgear with their braces for a time. What does that mean? You’re about to find out. Headgear is the word for a removable appliance that applies specific forces to guide the growth of the face and jaw. It is usually... read more »

What Happens When Your Braces Come Off?

A soon as you get your braces on, you will probably start counting down the days until they come off. And who could blame you? Sooner or later, that big day will arrive, and you will be ready to show the world your brand new smile. Having your braces removed is not painful and will take around 30 minutes. You... read more »

How Can I Maintain Strong Tooth Enamel When I Have Braces?

When you have braces, it’s important to maintain strong tooth enamel so you can maintain a healthy smile. However, that might be a tough task if you’re not sure how to keep your enamel in tip-top shape. So, to help you, our orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Liang, has some helpful tips and information for you. First, have a healthy and balanced... read more »

How Can I Relieve Soreness After an Orthodontic Adjustment?

One thing that comes along with braces is soreness. Now, this isn’t a typical muscle soreness—it’s actually soreness in the teeth. This can be quite inconvenient and troublesome, but it’s a sign that your teeth are moving and that you’re on your way toward the beautiful smile you want! However, our orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Liang, and team still want you... read more »